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Inediti #27

Titolo: I Am Sal
Autore: Abraham Falls e David Archer
Uscita: 21 aprile 2016
Pagine: 306
Prezzo: £ 9.99
Editore: Amazon Digital Services LLC
I have been framed for murder, and they want to kill me for it.
The Sheriff, Branson, is a jerk and is completely unreasonable. He hates me with a passion and I don't know why. That's the problem, actually. It's not just that I don't know why I'm here in prison, but rather that I don't know anything.
Absolutely nothing.
I woke up in a dark basement a couple days ago, and that's when my memories start. I can walk, talk, eat, and even rationalize. I seem to understand things, seemingly by instinct, on a level unparalleled to those around me. But I have no memories. Not even a sense of who I am.
Well, besides for three words that won't seem to get the hell out of my head: I Am Sal. I can't forget those, even though I've tried.
The real trouble is, I don't trust Branson. He's not just mean and angry, but he's shifty. He knows more than he's letting on. I can sense it. But that also terrifies me.
What if...what if he knows more about me than I do? What if the truth is something that I'm not ready to hear? Sure, I know that I would never kill someone. Not even close. But...that's me now. I've only been "alive" for a few days, and what if my old self wasn't such a nice guy? What if he...deserves the treatment he's receiving from Branson?
It's possible, but then again so is my innocence. I need to find out the truth, no matter where it leads. I already have a plan in place and I'm getting some help, but I can't tell you from who.
I need to get out of here, but it's risky. All I know for certain is that if I stay, I die.
Nothing is as it seems to be, but I intend to find out what it all means. And, ultimately, why everyone seems to hate me.
Titolo: You Are Precious
Autore: Abraham Falls e David Archer
Uscita: 15 dicembre 2016
Pagine: 149
Prezzo: £ 3.68
Editore: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Sal has been roaming the world trying to figure out just where he fits in, and who he truly is. He eventually finds himself in the heart of southeast Asia and is quickly drawn into the underground Muay Thai boxing rings in Bangkok, Thailand. There, while trying to find out who and what he's really made of, Sal is introduced to a very new and very real kind of evil.
With his superhuman abilities, he has been rising fast as a potential new champion, but when he meets a young girl who was forced as a child into sexual slavery he decides that it's up to him to save her. Under the pretense of accepting her as a gift, he begins trying to find the innocent child she still has buried deep inside. She responds slowly, but finally comes to love him as a father-figure and is thrilled when he makes efforts to purchase her from the pimp that owns her.
But pimps are criminals, and when Precious is stolen away and held for ransom, Sal will stop at nothing to get her back.
No matter what it costs him.
Titolo: When Tomorrow Starts Without Me
Autore: Stacy Claflin
Uscita: 22 febbraio 2018
Pagine: 349
Prezzo: £ 4
Editore: Amazon Digital Services LLC
He's on the road to fame. She's at the end of the line. A chance meeting will change everything.
Kenna Mitchell grew up despised and mistreated by those who should've loved and protected her. Now homeless and alone, with pain too heavy to bear, she's ready to end it all.
Enter Rogan Scott, an up-and-coming rock star with one focus—his band. Out in the woods, looking for song inspiration, he comes across a beautiful girl seconds from ending her life.
Rogan saves Kenna, only to face her anger. Intrigued by her reactions and motivations, he devotes himself to getting to know the real Kenna Mitchell. Turns out, she doesn't even know herself. Soon their tenuous friendship blossoms into love, and Rogan pulls her into his world of rock and roll. But his social circle proves as cruel as the one she left behind.
As everything spirals out of control, Kenna discovers a shocking secret about her past. With each new lie uncovered, she's gutted worse than before. She rallies every time—until she learns a painful detail she's certain she'll never recover from.
Can Rogan show Kenna that life is worth living, or will the merciless truths of her life convince her to finally end it all?

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