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Inediti #10

Titolo: The Girl Who Dared to Think
Autore: Bella Forrest
Uscita: 9 agosto 2017
Pagine: 410
Prezzo: £ 9.99
Editore: Nightlight
The Tower's survival is humanity's survival, and each must serve it faithfully...
Twenty-year-old Liana Castell must be careful what she thinks. Her life is defined by the number on her wristband - a rating out of ten awarded based on her usefulness and loyalty to the Tower, and monitored by a device in her skull. A device that reports forbidden thoughts.
Liana is currently a four, the lowest possible acceptable score, and despite her parents' perfect scores of ten, she struggles to increase it. Rebellious ideas come all too easily, and resentfulness seems part of her being. She is an overseer-in-training, but her future will be dark if she cannot raise her worth...
Threes require drug treatment.
Twos are isolated.
Ones disappear.
When Liana's worst nightmare comes to pass and she drops to a three, desperation spurs her down a path few dare to tread. A chance encounter with a cocky young man whose shockingly dissident attitude toward the Tower couldn't possibly have earned him the perfect "ten" on his wrist, sets her on a trail to save herself - even at the risk of dropping lower.
Stalking the young man seemed like a simple enough task, but after events take an unexpected twist, Liana finds herself taking a treacherous dive into the darkest depths of the Tower... and the decades' old secrets buried within.
In a society where free thinking can make you a criminal, one girl dares to try...
Titolo: The Girl Who Dared to Think 2: The Girl Who Dared to Stand
Autore: Bella Forrest
Uscita: 18 settembre 2017
Pagine: 406
Prezzo: £ 9.99
Editore: Nightlight
After stumbling upon an ancient, dusty office sealed away from the rest of the Tower, Liana makes a shocking discovery. Her first instinct is to flee until she realizes all is not what it seems.
The room has been hidden for a reason. It holds secrets about the Tower's past, and answers that could be key to her people's future. But with this knowledge comes grave danger, as Liana will quickly discover...
Titolo: The Girl Who Dared to Think 3: The Girl Who Dared to Descend
Autore: Bella Forrest
Uscita: 6 novembre 2017
Pagine: 402
Prezzo: £ 9.99
Editore: Nightlight
Return to the Tower and reunite with Liana Castell in the breath-stealing third book of The Girl Who Dared to Think series.

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